Outtakes from the “Hello Goodbye” video

Scenes recorded for the music video for “Hello Goodbye” have been made public on YouTube by Revolver Records. We see Tony Bramwell with the clapper board and then John, Paul and George are fooling around while Ringo is on drums in the background. This is raw footage that hasn’t previously circulated! The Beatles are on stage at Saville Theatre, Paul acted as director for this video and the day was 10 November, 1967. At the time the theatre was still leased by NEMS Enterprises, despite the recent death of Brian Epstein.

“I directed the promo film we made for Hello, Goodbye. Directing a film is something that everyone always wants to get into. It was something I’d always been interested in, until I actually tried it. Then I realised it was too much like hard work. Someone summed it up when they said: ‘There’s always someone arriving saying: “Do you want the gold pistols or the silver pistols?”‘ Then you think: ‘Um, um…’ There was so much of that going on – so many decisions to be made – that I ended up hating it.

I didn’t really direct the film – all we needed was a couple of cameras, some good cameramen, a bit of sound and some dancing girls. I thought, ‘We’ll just hire a theatre and show up there one afternoon.’ And that was what we did: we took our Sgt Pepper suits along and filmed at the Saville Theatre in the West End.”

Paul McCartney


We have a sneaking suspicion that this outtake, along with others, will eventually appear on a future underground DVD release, without the “Revolver TV” watermark.

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  1. wardo says:

    My goodness. How many takes did they do that day? 30?

  2. Unknown says:

    I just love how unpleased George looks with the whole thing 😀

  3. phil overture says:

    Roger, i presume you've seen the Walrus footage aswell? youtube.com/watch?v=bvvM14f3QRQ

  4. Disker says:

    John & George expressions sums it all 😀

  5. Unknown says:

    Not so much 'raw footage' as a whole other take / edit! Here's another video that may be of interest…you'll need to read the description to make sense of it… youtube.com/watch?v=DIIF4pxSLcs

  6. Michael says:

    I suppose that it makes sense there was a filmed version with the stars background, given that the current version three circulating for years could not have been filmed just to get outtakes especially for it; version three therefore has outtakes from three separate versions, including this new version. It makes one wonder if there is yet another version with the stars background since McCartney can be seen holding a guitar in scenes of version three whereas this one is purely miming to the camera.

  7. Unknown says:

    Good point Michael. There are clearly shots of Paul and George strapped up with guitars on this background. However, the few shots seen in the 'outtake version' might suggest that they are doing the non verbal 'mime' thing again – with Macca using 'hand gestures' and pointing a lot…but you never know…

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