Paul quits the Beatles….in 1968!

George and John at George’s house. Photo: Michael Herring

Today’s Daily Mail has the story and photos of a 19 year old fan who turned up uninvited on John’s doorstep in 1968 and was invited in for breakfast with John and Yoko. The fan, Michael Herring, later shared a car ride with John to George Harrison’s house to see the Beatles recording – and he witnessed the opening of a letter said to announce McCartney’s resignation.

Do we need to rethink history? The Beatles’ biographers Mark Lewisohn and Hunter Davies also offer their comments on the episode.

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  1. Andreas says:

    Great photographs which I haven't seen before (although Lennon in the rear mirror looks more like photoshop than anything else), but the story is ridiculous. Lewisohn is right, McCartney had nothing to do with the Eastmans at this point. I rather think somebody got hold of these great photographs and inventend the story behind them to make them more interesting. Am I on candid camera? Andreas

  2. Andreas says:

    Now I know, the pics must have been taken by Paul himself. Somebody stole them from him when they came in through the bathroom window… Or perhaps the pictures were given to Francie Schwartz who just retrieved them.

  3. Unknown says:

    We're these taken on the day they recorded the Esher White Album demos? Clues…. John acoustic, George's bungalow itself, Lennon in his post India look minus Yoko, Ringo still clean shaven as he was in early 68 and Paul taking the photos? Why else would they be hanging around George's around that time…

  4. LetEmOut says:

    The Daily Mail is probably the least accurate or respected newspaper in the UK.
    Search YouTube for 'Tha Daily Mail Song' for a better idea of their tabloid trash ideals.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think this might be a red herring

  6. Anonymous says:

    Cynthia had been away on holiday until 22nd May when she found John and Yoko waiting for her but it's highly unlikely that Yoko was still around at Kenwood on the 28th if the following excerpt from a well-researched Cynthia Lennon site is accurate

    (see )

    'She arrived back at Kenwood from Greece earlier than expected, at four o'clock on 22 May 1968, to discover Lennon and Ono sitting cross-legged on the floor in matching white robes, staring into each others eyes, and then found Ono's slippers outside the Lennons' bedroom door. Shocked, she asked Jenny Boyd and Mardas if she could spend the night at their apartment. At the apartment Boyd went straight to bed, but she and Mardas drank more alcohol, with Mardas trying to convince her that they should run away together. After she had vomited in the bathroom, she collapsed on a bed in the spare bedroom, with Mardas joining her and trying to kiss her until she pushed him away.

    Lennon seemed absolutely normal when she returned home the next day, and steadfastly maintained his love for her and their son, saying: "It's you I love Cyn … I love you now more than ever before". Lennon went to New York with McCartney shortly after, but as she was specifically not invited, a trip to Pesaro, in Italy, was arranged with her mother.'

    The John and Yoko at Kenwood bit of the story like the Paul Quits bit may be an embellishment around the pics taken at Kinfauns and that might accord with the expressions of John and George in the pics, which rather look intent on getting rid of the photographer. May well have been mere minutes of a visit.

  7. Martin says:

    It's well known that the Beatles had rows and members stormed out from time to time (Paul and 'She Said She Said'. Ringo during 'Back In The USSR'). But there is no evidence that Paul was quitting at the time of their meeting at Kinfauns after Rishikesh… Apple was just starting and he had no intention of leaving the band at that time.

    Typically sensationalised Daily Mail crap…

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