Rare “Pepper” photo in 2017 calendar

Outtake photo: Michael Cooper.

The 2017 Beatles calendars are now available, and it looks as if we are going to get a Sgt Pepper new year. The highlight for us will be to get this particular photo in LP size in the square calendar from Danilo Promotions Limited. It’s available on Amazon now!

The other photos are more familiar.

There are several more Beatles calendars available for 2017.

This square 12″ calendar is the one above, from Danilo Promotions Limited
Trends International: Collectors Edition Wall Calendar.

Covers September 2016 – December 2017 and includes 2 posters.

Another one from Trends International.
This one only has black and white photos.
If you are short on wall space, here’s a 7″ calendar.
This one is bigger, and features single covers from around the world.
The back reveals which single covers are included.

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