Record Store Day boxed set.

The singles and poster boxed set from yesterday’s “record store day” event.

Yesterday’s “Black Friday” Record Store Day event saw two new Beatles and related releases, available only in participating stores. A boxed set of four vinyl singles and a poster from The Beatles and a special commemorative edition of John Lennon’s “Imagine” album. And it was a nice gesture from the powers that be to have the included
poster feature a Robert Whitaker photo. A silent homage to the recently
deceased photographer?

The thing about these releases is that they’re only pressed in limited quantities and only available if you visit the store in person, you can’t buy these things online. Of course, the day following the event, you can visit ebay and other online shops and find these items by resellers.

Details for the Beatles release:

Box-set of four 7″ picture sleeve singles.

Includes Record Store Day branded singles adapter and poster.

1. “Ticket To Ride” / “Yes It Is”

2. “Hey Jude” / “Revolution”

3. “Something” / “Come Together”

4. “Yellow Submarine” / “Eleanor Rigby”

Through a special arrangement, you can now get the Beatles singles boxed set online from the official Beatles stores. $50 in USA, £45 in the UK. The box was pressed in a quantity of 10 000 for the US market. (It was also made available in UK stores, limited to 1500 copies.)

Box – front

Details for the Lennon release:

John Lennon
Imagine (40th Anniversary 180-gram 2-LP Box)

Extremely limited 40th Anniversary box set containing “Imagine” on 180-gram vinyl remastered in 2010, Imagine Sessions EP on white Vinyl, the original poster and two postcards. Availability limited to 500 copies in the UK and 5000 in the USA.



Side One


Crippled Inside

Jealous Guy

It’s So Hard

I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier

Side Two 

Gimme Some Truth

Oh My Love

How Do You Sleep?


Oh Yoko


Imagine Sessions (from John Lennon Anthology) 

Side One

Baby Please Don’t Go


How Do You Sleep?

Side Two

Jealous Guy

Oh My Love

I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier

Box – back

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3 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    Record Store day really annoys me; you have all these great special editions produced like the one you've shown, but in such limited quantities.

    As you've stated in your post, the only people who ever get their hands on them are not fans but sharks who just want to sell them on E-Bay.

    Reminds me of the same "fans" who so infuriated Ringo by selling his autographs all the time.

    It's a shame, because it's supposed to be about getting people back into record stores again.

    A couple of years ago I tried to get a Beatles release (a Paperback Writer 7" iirc). I turned up 2 minutes after the store opened & the one copy they had was already gone. They'd held a raffle to see who got it! I resolved to stick to Amazon after that… 🙂

  2. wogew says:

    Initially the "black market sharks" are demanding inflated prices, but as time goes by and the items remain unsold, the price dips. I've seen several cheap copies of the RSD Paperback Writer 45 from 2010 recently. At the time of writing, there's one on ebay for the buy-it-now price of $24.99.

  3. wogew says:

    The record store day singles box set has now been made available at the official Beatles stores. $50 in USA, £45 in the UK.

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