New album from Ringo in January

According to, January 24th it’s all set for the new Ringo album. No cover art or title as of yet (unless it will be called “Ringo 2012”. Ringo spoke a bit about the album in a Q&A with Norwegian Wood this summer:

Q: What’s
your fondest memories of growing up in post-war Liverpool?

Ringo: Every woman in the street is your mother. We were close. I lived
in that neighbourhood. I’m doing a Liverpool track on every CD. This
will be the third on the new album. I mention the Iron Door in Liverpool which was a club.

 Q: When you start working on a new album do you have a plan?

Ringo: I wake up and think what a great day. I call the engineer and
fire up the computer. I have no idea how it is going to turn out.

Q: What musicians are on the new album?

Ringo: Benmont Tench from Tom Petty, Don Was the producer and great bass
player, Charlie Haden, America’s premier jazz bass player, Joe Walsh of
course, Dave Stewart, Glen Ballard, Van Dyke Parks who wrote a song and
is playing accordion. If you look at the back of the Y Not record it is
a similar group

Q: Who do you mainly work with?

Ringo: … I made the last record and
the new record … at home with ProTools.
People, musicians, pass by and they are on the record. I record mainly
in Los Angeles at home in the guest house

The Christmas before last, when the guests left, I had all the furniture
taken out to storage. The ProTools and the board are in the living room
/ kitchen and the two kits of drums and the amp are in the bedroom.

You can be sitting and doing something and a line
just comes, I have notebooks and I write down lines. And suddenly that
line is a song. It’s the start. And now with my iPhone I can sing to it
wherever I am. It is interesting as a writer, usually I write the chorus
first, I can jam with the chorus and then with other writers we make it
into a song. I love to hang out with other musicians. Most of the time
we get something.

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