“Ringo” to be re-released

Last November, we mentioned that Capitol Records would celebrate their 75th anniversary this year, by re-releasing quite a numer of their classic records. Among these, quite a few Beatles related ones.

One of these, James Taylor’s debut LP from 1968 on Apple Records is now available – and like we hoped, it has an Apple label. However, there seems to be a mistake here.

The Apple label, side 2. Photo: Jeff S. Levy.

Track #2 on side 2 is missing. It’s mentioned on the label, but the song “Brighten Your Night With My Day” is just not there.

One album that we have just seen a mock-up of the cover of, is Ringo Starr’s triumphant “Ringo” from 1973. Capitol has released this image:

“Ringo” with the Capitol Records 75th Anniversary logo.

According to the album’s page on Amazon, it will be released on January 19, 2018. And the next album in Ringo’s catalogue, “Goodnight Vienna” will also be made available on the same day.

Goodnight Vienna will be out at the same day as “Ringo”. 

The image above is from a recent listing of the upcoming pressing of the album.

Like we have mentioned earlier, this year has seen both “Bad Boy” and “I Wanna Be Santa Claus” re-released on vinyl. Or, in the instance of the latter, this is actually it’s first outing on vinyl.

And that’s a good thing. For a number of years, Ringo’s albums were only released digitally. It would be nice if they would make an appearance on LP for those who prefer that listening format.

So if anybody involved with the records are listening, the following Ringo albums are the ones we would like to see on the vinyl format:

1998: Vertical Man (only available on CD, cassette and download)

2003: Ringo Rama (only available on CD, cassette and download)

2005: Choose Love (only available on CD and download)

2007: Photograph: The Very Best of Ringo Starr (collection, only available on CD and download)

2008: Liverpool 8 (only available on CD, USB-bracelet and download)

2014: Icon (collection, only available on CD)

Of course, there’s also a bunch of live albums from Ringo and his various All Starr Bands which are only available digitally.

Meanwhile, “Bad Boy” has been made available on black, champagne and blue vinyl. The champagne one is on 180 gram vinyl and includes a poster. It will be released today, December 1.

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  1. hopeforbetter says:

    I don't understand this vinyl-nonsense, next we get shellac lps.

  2. CrackinThunder says:

    I understand the vinyl, especially for "Ringo" with that great book in it. But why not "Ringo" and "Goodnight Vienna" on CD remastered/remixed? Last version on Amazon mentioned lists 1998 as the release date. Great albums musically but for some reason, thin sounding sonically.

  3. Unknown says:

    I have been waiting for this rerelease since Capitol listed it in their 75th anniversary campaign last year. And I agree about cd remixes remasters for Ringo's Apple catalog at least. Every one hit wonder has seen their albums released in special editions multiple times, surely the worlds most famous drummer deserves the same for his biggest albums?

  4. Debjorgo says:

    I would love to see deluxe two-disc sets for each of Ringo's releases. If he doesn't have enough demos and alt recordings, he could flesh the discs out with alternate mixes. An alternate mix can sound pretty good with the right person doing them.

  5. Henry Taylor says:

    Capitol/Apple where are vinyl for 3 Strong artists like Mary Hopkins, Badfinger & Billy Preston…?

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