Screencaps from the Apple USB

The main menu window

Here are some screen captures from the Apple Remasters USB memory stick, provided by Apple Corps. All images are © Copyright 2009 Apple Corps Ltd. The 16 GB Memory stick comes equipped with a flash-based menu, where you can select music tracks, the mini-documentary videos or the artwork. All music tracks are available both as lossy MP3 files and lossless FLAC tracks. FLAC files may be played directly on your computer by for instance Winamp (with a FLAC plug-in), but if you want to play the FLAC’s in the iTunes music player, they need to be converted. FLAC files may easily be converted into WAV files by a freely available FLAC converter, but then you’ll need to save them on a hard disc drive, as the 16GB memory stick will probably not have enough room for the WAV files, which are considerably larger than the FLAC files.

Here’s a rendering of one of the Abbey Road artwork screens.

And here’s the relevant page taken from the booklet that came with the Remaster CD of Abbey Road.

This screencap is from the mini documentary for the “Please Please Me” album. We don’t know if the flash interface allows you to play the documentaries in a full screen window.

And the final screen capture is where you select the music tracks. As you can see, the complete catalogue is easily available from the bottom of the screen.

The Apple Beatles Remasters Memory Sticks are available from the official Beatles Stores in Japan, UK, and USA. The price is £200 from the UK store. You can select your nearest store from a menu over at

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