Secret gig with Paul in London next week?

Paul McCartney’s message

After his pub concert at the Philharmonic in Liverpool earlier this summer, Paul McCartney spoke about perhaps doing more small gigs with his band in July. It looks like something’s afoot in London next week, if we’re to take his Instagram and Twitter message today seriously: “Why do you think you should attend a secret event in London with Paul next week? Post a short video using the hashtag #UnderTheStaircase”. An unconfirmed rumour points to studio 2 at Abbey Road as the most likely venue. So if you’re planning to be in London next week, you know what to do!

Link: Instagram #UnderTheStaircase

In addition to these invitations, Paul also uploaded a new video to his official Vevo and YouTube channels. It’s an old televised concert recording from ITV’s CD:UK show, which was shown on TV in the UK on November 24, 2001. Paul performs his own song “Freedom,” backed by Blair Cunningham behind the drums, Giles Palmer on guitar and Luke Judy on keyboards. No one plays the bass!

It has been speculated that Paul published this video as a comment on the recent visit to Europe by US president Donald Trump, a controversial visit which has been getting a lot of media attention. Then again, it could be Paul honouring what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday.

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