Beatles museum opens in Liverpool this week

The Magical History Museum – the new Beatles museum in Liverpool.

Friday is opening day for Liverpool’s new Beatles museum “Magical History Museum”, owned by the Best brothers – Roag and Pete.

There have been mixed reactions to the focus two earlier group members have been given on the fasade, Pete Best and Stuart Sutcliffe were members of the group when they were only locally known, in Liverpool and Hamburg.

The museum is smack in the middle of Beatleland, Liverpool – in Mathew Street, which is also where the Cavern Club, the Cavern Pub, the Beatles shop and the pub “The Grapes” are located, and right around the corner for the Hard Day’s Night hotel.

You can listen to a telephone interview with Roag Best about the new museum here.

4 Responses

  1. Johnny Main says:

    It's spelled Mathew Street not "Matthew Street".

  2. Martin says:

    Imagine if there was a Stones Museum with all the members names displayed on the facade? Mick, Keith, Brian, Bill, Charlie, Mick (Taylor), Ronnie, Stu, Dick, Tony, Ricky, Carlo, Mick (Avory), Geoff, Brian (Knight), There'd be no room for windows on the outside of the building. Ha Ha…

    Good luck to Pete and Roag with the museum…

  3. Klark_kent says:

    Don't worry about Sir Paul showing up until the "Pete" sign is buried in the backyard.

  4. Unknown says:

    It's Magical History MUSEUM..not TOUR they are totally different experiences?

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