The Threetles at the Montez/Roe tour

If you were there, you will have witnessed The Threetles – Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr in concert. John Lennon came down with a cold at the start of the Montez/Roe tour and did not perform. The Threetles struggled on without him for six concerts in three days, in Bedford, York and Wolverhampton.
The Beatles usually performed a six song set consisting of Love Me Do, Misery, A Taste of Honey, Do You Want To Know A Secret, Please Please Me and I Saw Her Standing There. A newspaper report from the York concert said of the Threetles performance: “In the case of The Beatles, John was missing. The rest of the group coped wonderfully in the absence of their lead singer. ” … “Despite having no lead singer, the boys struggled admirably with their hit number, Please Please Me. The rest of their programme was re-jigged for two-part singing. It icluded Misery (a new number they have written for Kenny Lynch), ‘Till There Was You and Do You Want To Know A Secret.”
It’s anyone’s guess why they opted to play Misery without John, but dropped I Saw Her Standing There, which is very much a McCartney showcase.
I must say that I’m a bit confused here: If John had no singing voice because of the cold, he could still have provided his signature rhythm guitar and harmonica to the performances. After all, he did turn up for their EMI studio overdub session for From Me To You, the same day as the York gig, providing harmonica overdubs for the song.

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