Track lists for Flowers in the dirt

Planned for March 24: The Archive edition of Paul McCartney’s “Flowers in the dirt”.


• Deluxe 3 CD + DVD Numbered Edition

• 18 bonus audio tracks across 2 discs, featuring previously unreleased demos with Elvis


• Original B-sides, remixes and single edits, plus 3 previously unreleased tracks from a

cassette demo (download only)

• Remastered at Abbey Road Studios

• DVD featuring all of the music videos from the album, the ‘Put It There’

documentary and 3 new edits of unseen archive material

• Also includes a 112 page essay book, 32 page notebook of Paul’s handwritten lyrics

and notes, 64 page photobook featuring the music videos for ‘This One’, 32 page

Linda McCartney exhibition catalogue

• Plus downloadable high-resolution audio (Disc 1, 2, and 3)


1. My Brave Face (2017 Remaster)

2. Rough Ride (2017 Remaster)

3. You Want Her Too (2017 Remaster)

4. Distractions (2017 Remaster)

5. We Got Married (2017 Remaster)

6. Put It There (2017 Remaster)

7. Figure Of Eight (2017 Remaster)

8. This One (2017 Remaster)

9. Don’t Be Careless Love (2017 Remaster)

10. That Day Is Done (2017 Remaster)

11. How Many People (2017 Remaster)

12. Motor Of Love (2017 Remaster)

13. Où Est Le Soleil? (2017 Remaster)


1. The Lovers That Never Were (Original Demo)

2. Tommy’s Coming Home (Original Demo)

3. Twenty Fine Fingers (Original Demo)

4. So Like Candy (Original Demo)

5. You Want Her Too (Original Demo)

6. That Day Is Done (Original Demo)

7. Don’t Be Careless Love (Original Demo)

8. My Brave Face (Original Demo)

9. Playboy To A Man (Original Demo)


1. The Lovers That Never Were (1988 Demo)

2. Tommy’s Coming Home (1988 Demo)

3. Twenty Fine Fingers (1988 Demo)

4. So Like Candy (1988 Demo)

5. You Want Her Too (1988 Demo)

6. That Day Is Done (1988 Demo)

7. Don’t Be Careless Love (1988 Demo)

8. My Brave Face (1988 Demo)

9. Playboy To A Man (1988 Demo)


Original B-sides, remixes and single edits:

1. Back On My Feet

2. Flying To My Home

3. The First Stone

4. Good Sign

5. This One (Club Lovejoys Mix)

6. Figure Of Eight (12” Bob Clearmountain Mix)

7. Loveliest Thing

8. Où Est Le Soleil? (12” Mix)

9. Où Est Le Soleil? (Tub Dub Mix)

10. Où Est Le Soleil? (7” Mix)

11. Où Est Le Soleil? (Instrumental)

12. Party Party (Original Mix)

13. Party Party (Club Mix)

Cassette demos:

1. I Don’t Want To Confess

2. Shallow Grave

3. Mistress And Maid

Amazon links:

Paul McCartney Flowers In The Dirt Deluxe Edition (3CD 1DVD)

Paul McCartney Flowers In The Dirt Special Edition (2CD)

Paul McCartney Flowers In The Dirt Double LP

14 Responses

  1. Geert says:

    how are the two bonus CDs different? I'm confused

  2. Tom says:

    @ geert
    first demo disco contains Elvis-Paul demo, the other disc contains Paul with band demo.
    The VERY strange thing is the download only for the b-sides… I can understand to have "Où Est Le Soleil?" various edits as download only, but not b-sides like "Back on my feet", "Loveliest thing" etc etc

  3. James Percival says:

    Unlike a number of previous posters I don't think this is one of Macca's absolute best, and I found side 2 to be mostly pretty dull. The cd release had some great B sides, better than many of the album tracks imo, and I am also disappointed that these are only going to be available as a download. I'd better look after my original cd I think!

  4. Unknown says:

    I don't think disc 2 and disc 3 are correct. Why would he record demos for the EXACT same songs (and why would they choose to issue two CDs worh of that)? It makes no sense.

  5. Darren says:

    Discs 2 & 3 would fit on one cd. Demos are usually short and not fully written. That would leave the actual b-sides available to be on disc 3 by themselves.

    Of course, I hate the whole download music phenomenon. I've lost way too much music due to hard drive malfunctions.

  6. James19 says:

    When will they ever release 'Return to Pepperland'??

  7. wogew says:

    "…the deluxe book edition includes nine demos of songs written with Elvis Costello, in both acoustic (with Elvis) and band (no Elvis) variations…"

    So Disc 2 are the original acoustic demos by Paul and Elvis C., Disc 3 are the demos of the same songs by Paul and the band (without Elvis C.).

  8. Debjorgo says:

    Just think if this were a digital only release. I'd probably buy five or six songs and be done. You can't hear sonic improvement on an iPod. I have no interest in digit books of an issue like this.

    It'll be even worse when nobody buys even the digital tracks any more. I'd probably click through the tracks, not even the whole songs, and never pull it up again.

    Good thing Paul is staying ahead of the curve and we can all get a jump on losing interest in these releases.

  9. Anonymous says:

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  10. Debjorgo says:

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  11. Unknown says:

    So, this looks like it's missing the CD single version of Figure of Eight? My favorite song of all the officially released Flower in the Dirt tracks…

  12. Andreas says:

    The 12" Bob Clearmountain Mix is the re-recorded 5:16 single version. It is featured on the 3" CD single, 7" and 12". To complicate matters further, there is an edit of the Bob Clearmountain re-recorded version that appears on the 5" CD single. Those were the days…

  13. andywharris says:

    …but only available as a MP3 download.

  14. Vincent Truman says:

    This is a rough collection indeed. Surely the Costello/Macca songs could sit on a bonus disc alongside some of the more interesting "lost" tracks like Flying To My Home (a seriously great tune, even if Macca sounds like he's straining more often than not) and Party Party (goofy, but just unbridled fun, which Macca hasn't really been able to do as well as his old pals in that other band).

    I daresay most of us older folks already have most if not all of these tracks in various formats, so splitting the tracks up doesn't make tons of sense to me.

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