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Cameo Auctioneers will hold another “Music, vinyl records & memorabilia” auction on November 10th. Here’s the story behind one of their lots:

Seven new black-and-white photos of The Beatles will go up for auction in London on November 10th. The photos were taken at Salisbury Plain with a little Kodak camera by a fan when she was only 13-years-old.

Gwyn Blanchard, then a 13-year-old student, trudged half an hour in the rain with a group of friends to the set of the Fab Four’s second film, hoping for an autograph, but wound up being invited for a chat with her idols.
As the teenagers were walking toward the set, the Beatles drove by in their car and then went into their trailer. Blanchard and her friends decided to stand outside, and she said that for a moment, she doubted she would get her signature.
“We were just hoping that if we passed over our notebooks… just our English notebooks from school. We had them out, ready to hand them over when the door opened, and the manager said ‘come get them yourselves’.”
“John Lennon was sitting down in front of me,” Blanchard told Reuters in a telephone interview. “I handed him my notebook first. He handed it then to Ringo and the pen wouldn’t work!”
“John was the chattiest. They were joking and laughing.”

Several days later she returned to the set, when the Beatles were filming the scene in which they play beside some tanks. Blanchard snapped some photographs as the band-members relaxed between takes.
“It was only a little black plastic Kodak that I had. We were actually quite close.”
Blanchard said she had kept the photos and signatures in a box for several decades, but had decided to sell them.
Cameo Auctioneers said the photos, accompanied by the autographs on notebook paper, could fetch 2-3,000 pounds.

Also, some other previously unseen photos of the Beatles are up for sale at the auction, including both photos taken by professional photographers as well as by fans. These include two original black & white photographs taken on the night of the concert at The Riverside Dancing Club, Bridge House Hotel, Tenbury Wells, Herefordshire. Monday 15th April 1963. One unpublished colour photograph of John Lennon & Paul McCartney (see photo above), taken on the beach at Guernsey on 8th August 1963. The original photograph is in very poor condition and no negative exists, but the one for sale is a modern copy and the copyright follows the photo. Also, four original unused freelance photographer`s press photographs of The Beatles. These look like Manchester 1963, with the panda bear and on stage.

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  1. Unknown says:

    The story of the Infamous Panda.

    My mother, Jacquie Paulden, at the time and a couple of her friends couldn't get tickets to see the Beatles in Manchester so they bought the panda as a gift for the Beatles and went to the back door of the venue, and asked to give it to the boys in person, but someone just took the panda and shut the door in their faces. So they marched off to the local papers and told them the story. A reporter went back to the concert with them and not only did they get to give the panda in person and have a photo shoot with them, but they got free tickets to the concert too. Needless to say they were in a bit of trouble in school the next day when their photos were all over the front page of the newspaper. There are lots of other photos which have my mum and her friends in, they were only 15 at the time.I Would love to know where that panda is now??

  2. wogew says:

    Great story! Maybe you could share it here?

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