White album teaser

cryptic message

Representatives from the press has been sent this somewhat cryptic message, asking them to save the date September 26, 2018. An invitation will follow. According to one such representative, Roger Friedman, this is an event where details of the upcoming 50th anniversary edition of The Beatles’ self titled “white album” will be revealed. Friedman writes that the event will take place in New York.

We have also been told from another source that the track list for the various editions will be revealed on September 25th, so perhaps the event in question is a listening party and an opportunity to interview Giles Martin, who is Apple’s go to guy when it comes to remixing sound.

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  1. db says:

    Fantastic news. The Fabs at the height of their powers.
    (Shame this couldn't have happened with Revolver…)

  2. Westfield says:

    So excited at this news.

  3. Unknown says:

    This will look nice sitting in the rack next to my White Vinyl 10th Anniversary British pressing, opened but mint.

  4. Unknown says:

    This should and will get done with all Beatles LPs I would hope. Vinyl box set 7 inch singles time ?

  5. James Peet says:

    Better get saving the pennies! Very exciting. I wonder how many discs…4 or 5?

  6. Martin says:

    Hope there's alternate guitar work and studio chat from/with Clapton on 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps'.

  7. Unknown says:

    I am going to do a re read of Lewisohn books , exciting

  8. Unknown says:

    Can't wait for this!

  9. Martin says:

    I hope Hey Jude and Revolution get the Penny Lane 2017 remix style treatment. I hope the 2015 '1' remix of Hey Jude isn't used again (with the end bass run cut off). Another good 'un would be the backing track to Jackie Lomax's Sour Milk Sea with a George vocal. Don't know if that's possible though… And the full and with all verses It's All Too Much would be nice too….

  10. Unknown says:

    11 days to go, waiting anxiously for the track list…
    By the way: I always thought the session tapes for the "With the Beatles" were intact, but I recently read they were destroyed, can someone shed some light on this?

  11. Unknown says:

    I need the mythical 27-minute take of Helter Skelter. This would be the perfect time to release it.

  12. piper909 says:

    Yeah, the long It's All Too Much is pretty nice (like the longer, unedited Revolution 1 take that's made the rounds in recent years). Very interesting outtakes and demos should be available for this set. Altho' IATM probably belongs with an expanded Magical Mystery Tour project (this has been forgotten between these Pepper and White LP deluxe re-releases, and it's left a bunch of 1967 tracks "orphaned", bypassed.

    I would also hope the White LP project includes Hey Bulldog, Lady Madonna, The Inner Light, and Across the Universe as part of the package. Keep 1968 all together (now)!

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