Wings Over Europe CD

Paul McCartney and Wings – 1971–73 Limited Edition Box Set

Paul McCartney and Wings – 1971–73 Limited Edition Box Set is a box containing both DeLuxe editions of Wings’ 1971 album “Wild Life” and “Red Rose Speedway” from 1973, in addition there is a bonus disc called “Wings Over Europe”, containing performances of songs recorded during the Wings Over Europe 1972 tour, and a few from Newcastle, 1973. Additionally, paper memorabilia from the tour is included:

Wings Over Europe

– Previously unreleased, newly mixed Wings Over Europe 20 track set recorded across 5 shows on 1CD

– Introduction from Paul McCartney talking about his memories of the 1972 tour

– 96-page photobook including previously unreleased images by Linda McCartney

– Replicated 1972 Wings Over Europe tour programme

– Downloadable 24bit 96kHz unlimited high-resolution audio versions

Wings Over Europe Tracklist

CD 1

1. Big Barn Bed [Live In Newcastle/1973]

2. Eat At Home [Live At The Hague/1972]

3. Smile Away [Live In Berlin/1972]

4. Bip Bop (Link) [Live At The Hague/1972]

5. Mumbo (Link) [Live In Antwerp/1972]

6. Blue Moon Of Kentucky [Live At The Hague/1972]

7. 1882 [Live In Berlin/1972]

8. I Would Only Smile [Live In Antwerp/1972]

9. Give Ireland Back To The Irish [Live In Groningen/1972]

10. The Mess [Live In Berlin/1972]

11. Best Friend [Live In Antwerp/1972]

12. Soily [Live In Berlin/1972]

13. I Am Your Singer [Live At The Hague/1972]

14. Seaside Woman [Live In Groningen/1972]

15. Wild Life [Live At The Hague/1972]

16. My Love [Live At The Hague/1972]

17. Mary Had A Little Lamb [Live At The Hague/1972]

18. Maybe I’m Amazed [Live In Groningen/1972]

19. Hi, Hi, Hi [Live At The Hague/1972]

20. Long Tall Sally [Live In Groningen/1972]

Box uncovered
All the contents

The Wings Over Europe tour has previously not seen much documentation, only one live song from the tour saw official release, “The Mess” was recorded at The Hague and released as a B-side to the 45 rpm single, “My Love” in 1973.  A couple more were slated for the “Red Rose Speedway” double album, but when that album was downsized to just one LP, they fell by the wayside.

On this tour, McCartney focused on his new group and performed no Beatles songs at all. The only reminder from Beatles concerts was that “Long Tall Sally” was kept as a good song to close each concert with. Furthermore, a lot of the songs on the set list from this tour were new to the audience. Songs like “Best Friend”, “1882” and “Seaside Woman” were supposedly going to be released on the upcoming “Red Rose Speedway” album, but that never happened. Of course, “Seaside Woman” finally ended up as a single released under the pseudonym of Suzy And The Red Stripes in 1977, but the other songs haven’t been officially released until now.

Wings Tour Programme 1972 – a replica is included in this boxed set

Of course, several of the concerts on the 1972 tour has been bootlegged, courtesy of people bringing tape recorders to the gigs, but some of the professionally recorded songs also appeared on the illegal market. Most notably the late nineties bootleg CD “Got Any Toothpicks” had a few of those, and in 1991, Mistral Music released a professionally recorded CD of the July 10, 1973 Newcastle concert, taken from a second generation dub of an acetate record.

The limited edition boxed set is available to preorder from the official Paul McCartney store, priced at $399.98. As far as we can understand, this boxed set will not be available through physical stores, and only from Universal Music, who are also running the official Paul McCartney online stores. Expect official word today, as well as listings also in the European McCartney store.


Paul McCartney US Shop (USD $400)

Musicvaultz Canada (CAD $554.99)

UDiscover Great Britain (GBP £319.99)

UDiscover Germany (EUR 369,99€)

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    Paul McCartney & Wings – Wings Over Europe (Exclusive Boxset)
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