Wonderwall relaunched

Wonderwall on Blu-ray

Shout Factory has relaunched the 1968 psychedelic movie “Wonderwall” on Blu-ray. George Harrison composed and recorded the incidental music for the film, and Shout Factory is using this as their main selling point in their campaign.

Set in swinging 1960’s London, Wonderwall is the story of a reclusive professor Oscar Collins (Jack MacGowran) who becomes infatuated with his next door neighbors, the beautiful model Penny Lane (Jane Birkin) and her Svengalian photographer boyfriend (Iain Quarrier). When the professor attempts to rescue Penny from an overdose following a quarrel with her boyfriend, he enters the magical realm of the Wonderwall on a transformative journey, and returns to his laboratory a changed man.


• Original theatrical version as well as the re-edited Directors Cut, featuring music from the original Wonderwall session never included in the original theatrical release

• 32-page book from director Joe Massot featuring extensive essays, historical analysis and production history

• All-new print

• High-definition restoration by the Pinewood Studios Film Restoration Team

The film is presented in NTSC Widescreen Aspect ratio 1:85:1

Special Features

• Publicity Gallery

• Publicity Text

• Biographies

• The Comic Art of Jack MacGowran

• Reflections on Love

• The Art of Marijke

• Eric Clapton – Skiing

• John Lennon Poem

• The Remo Four Music Video

• Theatrical Trailer

• Outtakes

Shout Factory is also promoting the movie by putting out clips from it on YouTube. The movie was released on March 25th.  George Harrison’s soundtrack album “Wonderwall Music” is considered his first solo album, and was released in 1968 on Apple Records. George released two albums while he was still with the Beatles, Wonderwall Music in 1968 and the experimental Electronic Sound in 1969 on Apple’s subsidiary, Zapple Records. Harrison was also present when the film was screened at the Cannes film festival. For a list of Beatles- and related films on Blu-ray, visit this site.

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    Picked this up last week and it looks and sounds great!

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