Yellow Submarine at the movies

Theatrical release for 50th anniversary

Screen Daily reports that U.K. outfit Picturehouse Entertainment has struck a deal with Apple to release a digitally remastered version of the Beatles’ animated movie Yellow Submarine in cinemas for the first time since 1999.

The 4K version is due to play in Picturehouse and other U.K. and Ireland cinemas on July 8, 2018 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of its original release.

Clare Binns, deputy managing director of Cineworld-owned Picturehouse, said: ”I loved Yellow Submarine 50 years ago and it still rocks the universe. This summer, Picturehouse Entertainment is thrilled to bring The Beatles back to the big screen again with a film that makes your heart beat fast. Bringing the film back for its 50th anniversary is great, both for those who loved it the first time around and for those new singing and dancing audiences who will be introduced to this classic music and animation. I look forward to the huge smiles on faces all across the UK and Ireland on 8 July – as the fab four said, All You Need is Love!”

The Beatles performed the songs for the film but their cartoon characters are voiced by actors because the Beatles weren’t too enthused – probably because they knew that this was a product of the same company who had done the animated television series. However, this was a totally different concept and character design, and upon viewing a work copy of the finished film, John Lennon was thrilled, and offered to get the Beatles to record the film’s dialogue with their own voices. He was told it was too late, too bad the producers didn’t take into account the home video market, which was in it’s infancy at the time. The quartet does appear in the closing scene of the film, however.

Apple owns the Yellow Submarine IP, which it remastered in 4K for DVD and Bluray in 2012. United Artists produced the original which is directed by George Dunning. We doubt that the U.K. is the only market where the film will get a theatrical re-release, so look for local announcements.

New comic book due in August.

Also planned for the fiftieth anniversary is a new comic book, as we have informed about earlier. It will be on release August 7, 2018 – but is already available for pre-ordering from Amazon. Also available from Amazon U.K. 

We saw the 1999 version of the film in a movie theatre, and can vouch for a great surround sound experience, in addition to the splendid visuals. No need to bring acid.

Back then, a songtrack CD was released, with newly remixed songs which appeared in the cartoon feature. Perhaps this anniversary will see it re-released as well?

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  1. Mr.Brown says:

    I'm sorry, the home video market was in its infancy in 1968? On what planet?

  2. wogew says:

    The Beatles all had home video recorders in 1968, but they were too expensive for normal people. We have previously reported that the Beatles mimed appearances on "Ready, Steady, Go!" were salvaged only because director Michael Lindsay-Hogg taped them at home when they originally appeared in 1963 and 1964. On his VCR.

  3. David Brailsford says:

    Wow, Roger, I didn't know that. Very interesting. Thanks

  4. piper909 says:

    But acid with Yellow Submarine always helps.

  5. Teddy Salad says:

    "No need to bring acid." Best to pack some along, just to be safe.

  6. Martin says:

    The earliest video recorders were used in the 60s for 'telerecordings'. That is how many wiped colour TV shows (Doctor Who, Dad's Army, Steptoe & Son) were recovered and survive only in black & white…

    The first person to actually own a VCR in Britain was none other than Ringo Starr…

  7. old man taylor says:

    The first video machines were reel to reel.i wonder when cartridges came in?

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