Revolver – the special editions

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  1. Rick says:

    On the Target’s site looks like the only way to get the T-shirt on line is to buy the Special Edition Revolver package for $45

  2. Charles_I says:

    Does that mean each record store day affiliate will only get one tote bag? Or is it one with every order of the LP?

  3. Ntwined88 says:

    If I remember it correctly, Barnes & Noble bookstores also did a tote bag for the Let It Be album. It was either them or Walmart

    The tote also came in a box like the box Target used for the L-size t-shirt, but obviously with different graphics on the back of the box and different stickers.

  4. Barry M says:

    I like the look of that RSD tote bag. If anyone knows more details of this particular offer could you please share – many thanks.

  5. David D Haynes says:

    I pre-ordered the single album with the tote from my local record shop. It’s about $45, so you are paying for the tote. I am certain the same is true for the t-shirt and mat offers. The tote will only be available at independent record stores for now.

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