Revolver – the special editions

Target: t-shirt

Of course, various chain stores are releasing some bonus items in conjunction with the upcoming new mix «Revolver». And they all come with the single LP edition of the album. Amazon has a turntable mat for your record player, Target has a t-shirt and Record Store Day affiliates have a tote bag, one we seems to remember having seen for sale previously.

RSD: tote bag

Amazon: turntable mat

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  1. Rick says:

    On the Target’s site looks like the only way to get the T-shirt on line is to buy the Special Edition Revolver package for $45

  2. Charles_I says:

    Does that mean each record store day affiliate will only get one tote bag? Or is it one with every order of the LP?

  3. Ntwined88 says:

    If I remember it correctly, Barnes & Noble bookstores also did a tote bag for the Let It Be album. It was either them or Walmart

    The tote also came in a box like the box Target used for the L-size t-shirt, but obviously with different graphics on the back of the box and different stickers.

  4. Barry M says:

    I like the look of that RSD tote bag. If anyone knows more details of this particular offer could you please share – many thanks.

  5. David D Haynes says:

    I pre-ordered the single album with the tote from my local record shop. It’s about $45, so you are paying for the tote. I am certain the same is true for the t-shirt and mat offers. The tote will only be available at independent record stores for now.

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