Sixty years of Love Me Do

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  1. Kevin Russell says:

    Did Apple use the same UK pressing for the 2009 Mono Masters and Past Masters compilations? It does sound much cleaner on the Mono Masters and Past Masters CDs.

  2. Rob Geurtsen says:

    What version was used on ‘1’.

  3. Uwe says:

    In Germany the Ringo Version was also used for the Single ( Odeon 22396) coupled with Please Please me, and for the German Ep „The Beatles‘ Hits“ O 41 598, both released in spring 1963

    • Kevin Russell says:

      Very interesting! I wonder if Odeon had a copy of the master or were their releases needle drops too. I suppose if Odeon still had a copy of the master, it would have been found by now. Or perhaps not!

  4. Uwe says:

    I cannot remember where exactly I read it, but wasn‘t the master of the Ringo Version destroyed deliberately to make sure the „right“ Version will be used for future releases, i.e. to avoid any confusion?

  5. Blakey says:

    Trevor Horn’s new book will be of interest to Beatles and Macca fans. In it, Horn writes about getting on the wrong side of Paul McCartney (Trevor called it a ‘severe bollocking’) over a delay in the ‘Flowers In The Dirt’ sessions.

    Trevor Horn – Adventures in Modern Recording: From ABC to ZTT is the name of the book.

  6. Mr Marks says:

    Worried about Ringo, no news for days

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