Ringo at the Greek comes alive

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  1. DukeViking says:

    Finally a full Ringo & TASB release on cd. A blu-ray added as a part of the combo pack (a first for his concerts). Looking forwarding to this release as I saw this particular lineup at the start of this leg (30th Anniversary celebration) in Windsor on August 1st 2019.

  2. stefansk says:

    According to SetList.fm the date of the Concert was the first of September 2019

  3. Pablo Toledo says:

    I was expecting a post about The Beatles and the Queen: the royal variety performance, the premieres of a Hard Days night and help, the MBE, John returning his MBE + Cold Turkey, Paul as Sir 1997, Paul and the Jubilee, Paul Companion of Honour and Ringo as Sir …

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