Oh! Darling

Two new teasers for the upcoming anniversary editions of “Abbey Road” are “Oh! Darling”, new stereo mix and take 4 of the same song from the sessions. Above is the Spotify link, below are YouTube links:

New mix

Take 4

From before: “Something” playlist

5 Responses

  1. Muddy says:

    It sounds like the remaster just boosted the bass and drums. It could also be from Spotify's low audio quality. I can't say it's an improvement. I guess they had to do something obvious so they sell Abbey Road one more time.

  2. Popper says:

    To be fair, the remix is what it is – some may like it, some not – but it's long-overdue in my opinion that the group's outtakes are put on official release. I do welcome this and the White Album and Sgt Pepper sets. It seems absurd to keep all the sessions under lock and key forever.

  3. Terence Daniel Collier says:

    85 notes is a high price to pay for an album's worth of out takes and book though (imo)

  4. Titenhurst says:

    When will the usual interviews with Giles start being rolled out? Not such a big build up this time as with Pepper and White

  5. Daniel says:


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