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  1. nateboy2 says:

    While I am definitely looking forward to a Rubber Soul box set, I’m looking forward to a Revolver one about ten times as much. Revolver is when they started doing bounce downs and losing generations of tape. Revolver remixed would be far more revelatory than Rubber Soul. My only gripe about Rubber Soul is that the stereo balance is pretty poor. It’s probably my least favorite mixed album.

  2. Nørd says:

    I really hope that «Rubber Soul» is next in line for the deluxe treatment.

    As far as I recall, «Rubber Soul» was the only album that was remixed (by George Martin) when the CD’s were released in 1987, because the original stereo mix was not considered good enough. However, I have never been a big fan of the 1987 CD mix.

    In 1999 we got two remixes on the «Yellow Submarine Songtrack»: «Think For Yourself» and «Nowhere Man». They sounded great, in my opinion. There was also some bits and pieces of «Rubber Soul» on «Love», and – again – they sounded better than the 1987 CD.

    Imagine getting the original album in a fresh and balanced stereo remix (and, of course, a surround mix). I’m certainly up for it!

    • admin says:

      “Help!” was also remixed by Martin in 1987. The original stereo mixes of these albums are only available on CD as bonus tracks on their respective mono counterparts!

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