The Beatles Let It Be 50th- DeLuxe box set – What’s new?

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  1. rondordrecht says:

    thanks for this very detailed information!

  2. Maurice Dupont (Agent Provocateur) says:

    What a great review, congratulations.

  3. Mark says:

    So can I just confirm that the Glyn Johns mix of Across the Universe sounds good? I’m a bit worried considering the state of I Me Mine.

    • dpannell666 says:

      To my ears, the copy of Across the Universe on the new album sounds great. It doesn’t have the obvious compression of the new release of I Me Mine. The Glyn Johns mix of ATU is similar to the charity album version except that it lacks the bird sound effects, the piano and the backing vocals by George and Paul, the female backing vocals (RIP Lizzie) are somewhat quieter, and the speed is put back to the originally recorded speed, not speeded up. Overall, I think it’s a better mix than that on the charity album (and better than the Phil Spector version, for that matter).

  4. rgsalin says:

    Thanks for the review. It was excellent and in a way it has put me off buying the new edition. Let’s hope the visual section (film) are better and more shocking.

  5. Wolfram says:

    Thanks again Mike for the information. Of course I won’t buy this very disappointing release in any form as I have the bootlegs. Cash grab. They once did it right with the White Album’s deluxe set.

  6. Joseph Chiarolanza says:

    Blu-ray full rooftop concert audio disk please

  7. Steve Shorten says:

    You also might want to mention that they’ve digitally removed that huge squeal of feedback from Teddy Boy on the Johns LP. (Good riddance, sez I)

  8. Fiendish Thingy says:

    So, about 3 minutes total of unreleased/unbootlegged material?
    This will be the first of the 50th box sets I won’t be buying…

  9. Ted P. says:

    Thank you very much for such a wonderfully detailed review. Considering the vast amount of material the producers had to work with, the result appears disappointing. It would have been a nice, for example, if, they included a disk that compiled the tracks under consideration at the time for the “Rock ‘N Roll” album – the proposed album of “oldies” recorded during the Get Back sessions. True, many of these appear on the last part of the Anthology series, but others, such as the “remake” of “Love Me Do” just circulate unretouched in mono.

    PS: You know, they could have given us Glyn’s second version (“the director’s cut”) of “Get Back” in stereo, which would have been miraculous.

  10. mpb says:

    thanks so much for all the info!
    clarification: are the channels on Glyn’s I’ve Got a Feeling and I Me Mine “inverted”? or swapped, as in One after 909?

  11. seanroper13 says:

    Always amazed to hear collectors complain about a release like this because they have everything already. The vast majority of Beatle fans do not. My closest Beatle friends have never heard this material and they’ll love it.

  12. John Kaelin says:

    What an amazing and detailed review!! I didn’t know Apple used bootlegs when apparently necessary. I wonder how they obtained them. Anyway, I’m looking forward to my deluxe set very much. Now that we have reached this stage, I wonder what is next. Rubber Soul & Revolver 60th sets? Let’s hope.

  13. David says:

    Well I’m fine with it. I don’t have all those bootlegs and such and if I did, it would be from a worse source. I do wish the whole rooftop concert was included but it’s possible that may come as something from the get back tv specials on Disney plus. Anything Beatles is all good to me.

  14. zallyr says:

    what a mess, this put there this put here UGH.a polished turd is still a turd. let it be yes let it be gone.

  15. Tony says:

    I dont understand why they put Glyn Johns’ “I Me Mine” on the set, I had to check with your article why it sounded so bad. Skip button applied!

  16. gustragov says:

    Genial Miguel, como siempre. Saludos desde Madrid

  17. James Peet says:

    I’ve just begun to rip the cds into my itunes library, and find myself slightly frustrated, if not surprised by the running time of the first of the two sessions cds. Forty minutes and forty-three seconds. Those who decide these things don’t understand how annoying it is to have so much space on a cd not used. Surely, the Beatles’ reputation would not suffer in any way were the whole 79 minutes, or as close to that capacity, to be used.

    • Shad Radna says:

      As far as I can see, the CD set is a disc-for-disc replication of the vinyl version, so the running times are limited by the capacity of vinyl. However, the second sessions disc is even shorter… I suspect the original intention was to combine those two vinyl discs onto one CD. So we’ve ended up with two LPs that were limited to the length of a CD, and then those have been released as two half-empty CDs.

      Filling both CDs with more material would have required another two vinyl discs, pushing the price of that set up even more. And somehow I don’t think that would have gone down well here.

      In actual fact, they could have crammed everything onto 2 CDs apart from the four EP tracks (maybe even including one of those). But people would have complained if they’d put other tracks on the main album disc. Sometimes people want crammed CDs; sometimes they want them half-full.

      • James Peet says:

        Fair enough. IIRC, the Sgt. Pepper set was not replicated on the vinyl, with just the remix on one LP and then alternate versions of the album songs on the second disc. Neither was the White Album set, which just had the Esher Demos collected onto a 2-disc set.

        If they adopted the same rationale, maybe there would be a chance to add more music onto the cds, without increasing the cost to us. Anyway, I’m happy with the remix of the LIB album and the GB album sounds good. The EP, I think I’ll try to ignore that, though Don’t Let Me Down and Let It Be sounds nice. I just wonder what goes on with the setting out of a tracklist. They must know that sites like The Daily Beatle will publish details of what is new and what isn’t and whatnot. It’d be great were they to employ a real expert who knows all about the recordings still in existence. I suppose different people want different things. The Beauty of the original catalogue is that we accept them without quibbling as it was, in theory, what the 4 Beatles wanted. Archive releases make it difficult to please everybody, and maybe that’s because they can’t please everybody.

        Anyway, I’m looking forward to the film.

  18. Ted P. says:

    Maybe one of the best things to come out of the reissue of this album is the renewed play of some of the tracks on commercial systems. I was a bit amazed to here the single version of “Don’t Let Me Down” being played the other day in the local supermarket while I shopped. I can’t remember when – if ever, I heard that recording played on an in-store system.

  19. autismeye says:

    Yeah, I wasn’t too happy with the way “I Me Mine” (Glyn Johns’ 1970 mix) was mastered. It sounded to me like somebody overdid the “Spectral Recovery” feature on iZotope’s RX plugin too much. Other than that, the rest of the set was awesome.

  20. Jeff says:

    Just finishing up the four song EP. What a delightful release. Highly enjoyable.

  21. Patsounds says:

    I just purchased the box. And I am happy with the new mix and the book. The rest of this compilation is theft from the fans. What a disappointing CD 2, 3, and 5 regarding the content.
    Thanks for this overview: I am glad I have my HR bootlegs.

    Patrick/The Neterlands.

  22. rondordrecht says:

    on CD 3, track 4 – I Me Mine rehearsal, from 00:49 > 1:00 George plays the riff from Alone Again Or from Arthur Lee’s group Love …

  23. Patsounds says:

    I feel a bit underwhelmed to be honest. The 2021 mix and the book are very satisfying. The content of the other CD’s is disappointing unfortunately. Allthough they are sonic wise better than most Get back/let it be bootlegs I have or know. Burt for a new generataion the Let it be box gives a wonderful impression of that January month in 1969.

    Thanks for this thoroughly overview.

  24. dodl says:

    The people that are happy about this release, aren’t the ones chiming in. So, I’ll chime in. I think it’s great.

    I love hearing the jams and rehearsals. I’ve had the bootlegs for decades. These discs sound great! And, to be honest, I don’t think I could listen to much more of those, since I’ve heard those for most of my adult life!

    Considering the source of the outtakes and jams discs, We’re lucky we got that stuff at all. Those tracks weren’t recorded for future release on audiophile discs. People are upset by the size of the box? Really?? There’s distortion at the highest end of the audio spectrum?? So? Short disc running time? How much did you expect to get? 50 minutes? Then, you’d be upset that it could have been 70 minutes. Only 2 discs of outtakes? Did you expect to get all 65 discs for under a hundred dollars? How many versions of I’ve Got A Feeling do you need to listen to? Cash Grab? You’re not going to buy it??? Good. But, why would you tell us? Are you gonna tell us that you’re not going to buy a T-Bone Steak, too? That’s information no one needs.

    These “fans” just have to have something to complain about. So, I’m complaining about THEM. Not the Let It Be box set.

  25. Andrew Wild says:

    Is there a similar breakdown for the Fly On The Wall disc, please?

    • admin says:

      This page gives you the DDSI numbers from Doug Sulpy’s and Ray Schweighardt’s book, “Get Back: The Unauthorized Chronicle of the Beatles’ Let It Be Disaster” applied to “Fly On The Wall”:

      • Ronald says:

        Appendix D of John C Winn’s That Magic Feeling (page 419) gives a detailed DDSI of all the music in Fly On The Wall, linked with the time of all 21 minutes and 55 seconds of the disc.

        • emigar2 says:

          Ronald, is there an update? My John C Winn’s book (1st paperback edition from 2009) has only 403 pages and appendix A & b. Where can I find this appendix D? Thanks

          • Ronald says:

            Strange! Mine is a 2003 1st edition (“trade” paperback) containing 432 pages. I think the Multiplus website indicates there are updates available, probably of both the first 2 volumes.

  26. rockall87 says:

    May I ask why they didn’t release a Get back single remix? Am I missing something?

  27. Terry says:

    I guess I’m one of the fans “who has to have something to complain about”. I think this collection is, to put it bluntly, a rip-off. Remastered album – great. Glyn Johns album – fantastic. Let It Be EP – meh, but nice to have.

    What annoys me is the two outtake discs. There’s practically nothing on there which sounds substantially different from what we already have, and some of these alternatives are either the same or very close to what was on Anthology. Seriously – what’s there, which is truly a fresh variation?

    Take Get Back for example. In sessions, that was done with diff lyrics, done at double speed, done as a scorching hard rock version, done with Lennon on lead vocals, done with Lennon and Macca singing unison throughout … what do we get here? Two versions, one from the roof, which are essentially as we already know it.

    Take Two Of Us – done as a driving electric arrangement, done with harmony backing vocals, done with high-speed middle eight, done as a slow plodder. What do we get here? A faintly bored sounding version which is basically the same as the finished one.

    And the same goes for the rest of the set. Don’t Let Me Down rooftop? Heard it. I Me Mine ‘waltz version’ from the film? Heard it. Long And Winding Road without overdubs? Heard it…

    Dig It is different but hardly a classic. The true gem for me is All Things Must Pass but there are better versions from these sessions, and it’s in pretty lousy sound quality anyway.

    That’s my rant over. I didn’t buy it – got it from Spotify – it’s simply not worth the money. I’d buy the Glyn Johns album any day, but it’s only available in the box at present. Shame.

  28. Darren says:

    Also, one thing that jarred me… and this is such a little thing… but I noticed it right away… The little “ta-ting…” at the very beginning of Get Back on the LIB album, is only one “ting” now… I miss that double strike! 🙂

  29. tulirepo says:

    Teddy Boy on the new Glyn Johns Mix: the feedback sound at 2:17 is now (almost) gone. I guess nobody who has never heard any of the bootlegs would ever notice. Probably Glyn Johns would have done the same edit 52 years ago, if he had had digital manipulation tools back then.

    • Ted Pastuszak Jr says:

      Given the wealth of material and editing options Johns had available, I always thought the feedback on “Teddy Boy” was left in intentionally for effect. I’ve always loved the May 1969 version of the Get Back album.

  30. Tulirepo says:

    Is it established which bootlegs offer the alledgedly ‘original’ Glyn Johns mixes from 1969 and 1970 respectively? For example, the Vigotone, Strawberry and John Barrett Cassette Dubs versions all demonstrate confusing differences, especially when it comes to the channels of One After 909 and the Rocker/Save the Dance Medley.

  31. mungo says:

    What a cash grab!!
    You can fit 2 of these CDs on actually one…
    And an EP as Disc 5?! Seriously? You must be kidding me…
    Come on. The Beatles are over. Let it be.
    Please don’t Get Back…

  32. Ted Pastuszak Jr says:

    One mystery that hopefully someone can clear up after all these years: The Get Back album in it’s two prepared forms had the “staircase” cover, as opposed to the black Let It Be cover. However, the Get Back book, which I’ve assumed was being prepared to be issued with one of the Get Back albums (as it carried the “Get Back” title) had the black cover design used later for the Let It Be album cover. Was there a different cover design for the book originally, or did the book always have a different design than the original album? It doesn’t seem to add up. Thanks.

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