1963: The public domain tracks

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  1. db says:

    Good useful info —— thank you. If there's something to be learned here it's that the folk holding the keys to the vaults could save some face by consulting with folk like Roger first.

  2. The Butobi Brothers says:

    Any more studio outtakes going to be officially released by the Beatles?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I'm reliably informed that it is now Apple's legal advice that unreleased archive material which was stolen property when it was bootlegged, remains stolen property and that this overarches the copyright-expiry issues.
    In other words, grey market it at your own risk 😛

  4. Unknown says:

    It is incorrect to state that "the tracks can now be freely used as soundtracks to commercials or in upcoming movies. Of course, royalties will have to be paid, but that's a formality."

    To sync even a public domain recording of a musical composition to video content you need permission of the owner of the copyright in the composition.

  5. feelingfine says:

    No you don't! If it's public domain you can't do anything about it at all – unless the MUSIC is still copyrighted ie: publishing. If for example the publishing as well as the recording rights are out of date, the original artist has no say in the matter whatsoever. Take that from me.

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