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  1. Unknown says:

    I'm very interested in an Apple authorized HDN blu ray. I never bought the blu ray released a few years ago because it seemed like too much of a third party product and it was so expensive for basically the same contents as the dvd. Hopefully this time along with the remastered audio and visual they can include commentary from Dick Lester and Paul and/or Ringo. As for Let It Be, this really should have been released years ago. There is no reason why it should take this long, unless they are remastering every single bit of footage filmed and recorded and plan on releasing that (which of course they aren't and won't). This one too, when it finally, inevitably comes out, should include commentary from Lindsey-Hogg and a member of the band, as well as an abundance of special features. If they waited this long and skimp on the bonus material it would feel a bit of a cheat to me. It should also be packaged with the book that came with the original deluxe vinyl release as well as a further comprehensive detailed booklet/liner notes. Having said that, with the release of the U.S. albums, possible HDN blu ray and rumored film clips set, It seem's to me this years releases will be dominated by the early Beatles era to coincide with anniversaries and what not, therefore I think we will get a Shea dvd sometime next year. Unless Apple/Universal simply don't care about flooding the market with Beatles product (as opposed to Apple under EMI/Aspinall, and which they evidently don't seem to mind too much based on the last few months) then a seemingly random release of LIB wouldn't be too much of a surprise. The Help and MMT blu ray releases and most notably BBC vol 2 seemed to have come out of nowhere unexpectedly with no rhyme or reason so LIB, while I wouldn't bet any money on showing up this year, I can totally see happening…. sorry for the rambling….anyway, bring it on Apple!

  2. EricTheDerek says:

    I'm no film expert, but it seems to me (and many others, based on the comments) that Criterion is teasing a Beatles release in 2014 in the little cartoon they posted on Facebook the other day. Let It Be, perhaps? That makes sense, given what we know and have already. It seems like a perfect release for them, given that they're known for having extensive bonus features and whatnot.


  3. Brian Fried says:

    If Criterion is teasing a Beatles film, it will be a film that is important to cinematic history — which is most likely going to mean the reissue of A Hard Day's Night, complete with essay by some film historian over its role in the development of the rock musical.

    Personally, I think LIB will be delayed.

    2014's releases will be the American LPs on CD, the Grammy tribute (summer DVD) and the 1964 bootleg series digital release. Then throw in the Criterion bluray edition of A Hard Day's Night and the year is full.

    2015 will bring an anniversary of Shea, and most likely a live collection that utilizes the rest of the 1965 live performances.

    So that delayed LIB until 2016 or beyond — most like 2019, as 2016 they can use the Candlestick show and videos, or the EP/singles collection using the 2009 masters, 2017 they can do the videos (in anniversary of those non-performance ones), 2018 the Esher demos, and 2019 will be the copyright on extra footage from the movie coming to elapsing time.

  4. CrackinThunder says:

    Let It Be warrants a box edition, just like the album was with a reprint of the original booklet, the vinyl record, double DVD with both 4:3 and 16:9 versions with outtakes. The DVD should have the original unedited rooftop concert(no overdubs) and the movie version. The concert should also have multicamera versions without the street scenes and cops coming in the front door so we get the full uninterrupted concert.

  5. wogew says:

    Mike Portnoy met Paul McCartney in June 2013: "I asked him what the hell is going on w Let It Be on video/DVD/Blu-ray
    And we talked about that for a few minutes…he said there's been technical and legal reasons its been tied up all these years (didn't go into details), but that it is indeed happening and finally in the pipeline for a release soon..and told me about all of the incredible hours and hours of unused footage there is (and I told him most of us hardcore fans know about and have it!) But it was pretty surreal to talk about it directly with him and hear it from the horse's mouth!! "

  6. dave9199 says:

    Is there any more news on the expanded U.S. version of the book All Those Years Ago getting a release?

  7. Brian Fried says:

    While I applaud the words coming out of Paul's mouth, keep in mind that he also talked about Rude Studio being a collection of unreleased tracks/box set for years and nothing ever came of that. Paul is great at acknowledging fan interest — he's not that great at responding to it, and it doesn't really help that he's following Elvis Costello's advice of "It's bootlegged, so you don't have to release it" on some of the material.

  8. shekespeare says:

    Speaking of future developments, please can someone tell me what happened with the release of The Beatles Mono Box Set Vinyl?

  9. torp it to full forward says:

    I am a bit sick and tired of the games Apple play with the people that enjoy The Beatles's music. It is a cynical exercise which sees Apple release one Beatle project each year -usually just before Christmas.

    The Let It Be DVD with additional footage should be the first thing released -not the 16th thing released after 23 editions of BBC tapes, or after Beatles American albums etc…mono box set etc. Going by the rate of release I think Let It Be will be released in about 2020..after box sets,etc. I have no faith in them doing the right thing.

  10. wogew says:

    shekespear: See previous post.

  11. shekespeare says:

    Thanks Roger, I'll be waiting for the vinyl Mono Box!

  12. rick says:

    Hate to tell you people it is going to be released. Would’ve happened in 2020 except for this thing called COVID-19. So we’ll have to wait till Aug. of 2021

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