Did Paul write the labels?

A selection of photos from labels found in the USA.

The release of the ultra limited edition of a 12″ ‘sweet trash’ remix of Paul McCartney’s “Hope For The Future” for Record Store Day has brought about a bit of confusion. From the evidence we have seen so far, it looks like it is actually Paul McCartney’s own hand writing on the labels of these records as found in U.K. record shops. And yes, every label is hand written.

Record with sleeve and sticker.

On the pressings sold through USA record stores however, the labels are also hand written, but none of these appear to be in Paul’s hand.

These records have all been found in U.K. record stores.
These records have all been found in USA record stores, they feature two distinctive

hand writing styles, none of these appear to be Paul’s

One copy of the record found in the U.K. appears not to be in Paul’s hand.

Thanks to Miguel Carrera, who has collected all this info and alerted us to this.

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  1. georgefromhenley says:

    Hi Roger – it was me who brought it first up on Facebook – and the UK montage was mine…

    Strange release, really.


  2. Anonymous says:

    The photo of the odd UK label seem to originate from a Picadilly Records (in Manchester) tweet 7th of April. It appears to be one of the very first to mention the Sweet T 12":
    twitter.com/hashtag/HopeForTheFuture?src=hash (scroll down to 6th of April) I suggest it might still be the same person who wrote the other labels. Strange that only one "odd" has surfaced. Looks like a child's writing to me, or perhaps even more like a lefthanded person writing with his/hers right hand??

    My theory is that the purpose of this whole "Sweet T-campaing" is to encourage what we are doing now – create some buzz in social media. Digital word of mouth. From that point of view "changing" handwriting style on purpose, would be an additional element for us to discuss…

  3. LetEmOut says:

    The first thought that went through my head when I saw the UK discs listed on eBay was: "that sure looks like Paul's handwriting". But at that time I thought that the labels were laser printed. Now that it is confirmed that they are handwritten, and all of the UK labels have the same handwriting (writing the looks like Paul's own hand) it does make for an interesting release.
    I would not be surprised if Macca did drop these limited discs penned with his own hand. Which would make this one of the most desirable solo discs of all time. All that said, that could we'll have been penned by someone trying to emulate his style – but to do this across 50+ labels…? That would be tricky. If you look at the UK labels they offer all of the inconsistencies of one person writing the whole batch in a hurry.
    Interesting stuff regardless.

  4. LetEmOut says:

    I must add however, that one batch of US discs really do look like his writing too (the messier ones). Particularly the PM.

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