Fuh You is here

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  1. 8daysawk says:

    God awful.

  2. Huck says:

    Jaw-droppingly terrible. Please, someone, please make Paulie stop before he murders his reputation entirely. Ugh.

  3. old man taylor says:

    This made me sad.

  4. Gabor Peterdi says:

    Billy Joel is right.

  5. Tony says:

    Good tune, terrible lyrics, I like the production… but oh dear – I don't want to hear Paul McCartney saying I Just Wanna Fuh You in a song. OK, so I Just Want To Make Love To You says exactly the same thing, but in a way that is acceptable and inoffensive. I wouldn't want this song playing in front of my grandchildren.

  6. appleboy says:

    bombastic musically, cringe worthy lyrics. Was there no one there to say Paul…Is Paul's desire to have a hit so blinding?

  7. Popper says:

    This is a good song! Why all the negative response? It's a decent pop tune. Agreed the "Fuh You" bit is not necessary – just recycling an old joke from "King of Fuh", but otherwise it's a good single.

    I don't think the lyric will upset anyone particularly, these days. "What the Fox Say" was a big enough hit!

  8. Finnfantp says:

    This song makes "Biker Like An Icon" sound like "Hey Jude."

  9. Edward R says:

    Certainly not his finest moment

  10. appleboy says:

    Singing "Fuh You" is certainly not going to offend anyone. The point is it's just tacky, inane and attention seewking to hear from Paul McCartney with .ery aged voice over a bombastic 2018 pop baking track that sounds completely forced and out of sync with McCartney.

    Don't get me wrong. i love paul. I love things like all the Fireman projects. happy that he tried new things, but this new thing is just bullshite.

  11. KubaPolen1984 says:

    I dont like it at all, its a boring radio track, total bullshit

  12. Unknown says:

    Great, memorable hook and chorus. Macca catches up with modern pop but doesn't have to sell out to do it. Brilliant!

    And all those of you complaining about the 'fuh you' thing, where did you stand in the whole 'polygon' /'body gun' thing in Hi Hi Hi?

  13. HigherUpThere says:

    I'm writing as a lifetime Paul McCartney fan as well as a Beatle fan who attended the Beatles 1964 concert at Olympia Stadium in Detroit. I was a 5th grade child standing on a folding chair placed on wooden boards covering the hockey arena's ice below. They sang the song A Hard Day's Night from their soon to be released film of the same name. That kid moved to California as soon as she was able and attended Ringo and Paul concerts whenever possible in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Reno. I was able to attend Paul's concert at Candlestick Park's last ever event in 2014 (the last major venue where the Beatles performed together… not counting the rooftop concert in London) At each of these concerts through the decades, I always remarked how wonderful it was to see such happy people – humans of all ages, races and styles (from 5-95 years old) singing along with the songs and becoming part of a big group of loving people having a wonderful time. I have to say that I respect other's rights to like what they like and I know many who are not offended by the FUH thing. I myself am not offended or shocked, but just very let down by Paul forgetting his great number of fans who are still children or for their own beliefs should not have to hear what this repeated phrase sounds like. Paul has always seemed a decent man who did not cheat on his wives, etc. Is he forgetting that he has fans that may not be able to understand why he needs to put this on his newest release? Is it all about $$$…shock sells? He has also disappointed me at times when he brings partisan politics into his entertainment. A good way to lose a large percentage of your fan base! I still think Paul is one of the greatest songwriters and entertainers of all times. I just wanted to state my opinion of the FUH dribble and do not need all to agree with me!

  14. db says:

    Actually a great track, turns out

  15. db says:

    Good track, it turns out!
    Who'd have thunk it

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