Bonus tracks revealed

Target exclusive…in the USA, that is.

As you know, there is going to be a version of “Egypt Station” on CD with two bonus tracks. This edition will only be sold through Target in USA, HMV in the UK and in indie record stores elsewhere in Europe. They are also included on the SHM-CD in Japan. The two tracks are:

17. Get Started

18. Nothing For Free

and if that last title is a comment on the release plan, we agree.

HMV in the U.K.

Meanwhile, over at the Amazon Top 3 best selling mp3-files:

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  1. Brian Fried says:

    Too bad the expanded release is not available in Canada.
    That expanded edition via Paul's website can't come fast enough!

  2. Edward R says:

    Sad it’s not available in Canada and lots of other places. Macca happy to play these countries. Sad

  3. Unknown says:

    Great CD…listened to it 3 times in a row. Enjoyed his Grand Central Station concert on YouTube

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