Hamburg meeting and soundcheck

Taken from behind the band at the City Park in Hamburg. Photo: ©Rockabella 2018/Donny Wightman

Former President of the Norwegian Wood Beatles fan club, Linda Engebråten, and former secretary in the same club, Joakim Krane Bech were among those who travelled to Hamburg for Ringo Starr’s concert on Sunday. When the concert was postponed to Monday night, they knew that they would not be able to make it. They were travelling by car, and had to start their journey back to Norway before showstart in order to make it back in time for work. The couple are both teachers. Of course, missing the concert was a disappointment to them, but they did get a huge compensation: They got to meet Ringo! This was a goal they had been working towards for some time, and their efforts finally paid off, just an hour before the concert was going to take place.

Ringo, Linda & Joakim, just an hour before the concert.

Linda: “Our little get together took place in the area behind the stage. Sir Ringo was very welcoming, nice and talkative. And he was sorry that we had to miss the concert, due to our departure for the trip home. We joked and laughed together, took pictures, got hugs and, of course, some peace and love. Unreal. And absolutely amazing!”

While they were waiting to meet up with Ringo, the band was having their soundcheck, and Joakim was kind enough to jot down for us what he heard:

1. I’m Not In Love (intro)

2. Jam (instrumental)

3. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (part of)

4. Tomorrow Never Knows (mainly instrumental jam, some vocals)

5. Things We Said Today (part of)

6. Matchbox (part of)

7. Dreadlock Holiday (intro)

8. Dreadlock Holiday (about half the song, w/vocals)

9. The Things We Do For Love (about half the song, w/vocals)

10. The Things We Do For Love (first verse only)

11. Who Can It Be Now? (w/vocals)

12. Rosanna (w/vocals, first verse only)

13. Rosanna

14. Rosanna (intro only)

15. Back in Black (part of)

16. Rosanna

17. I’m Not In Love

18. Photograph (intro only, played on acoustic guitar)

19. Matchbox (intro only)

Ringo did not participate in the soundcheck. Linda and Joakim arrived on the scene while the band was playing, so there may have been other songs played before they got there.

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