Klaus Voormann (80) joins Ringo on stage in Hamburg

Ringo in Hamburg yesterday

Ringo made good on his promise to perform in Hamburg yesterday, after having to cancel Sunday’s concert due to illness. On stage with him during “With A Little Help From My Friends” was 80 year old Klaus Voormann. The two of them met in 1960 at the Kaiserkeller in Hamburg when Ringo was the drummer for Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, who alternated with the Beatles at the club. Klaus later moved to London, and became the bass guitarist for Manfred Mann, as well as designing the album cover of “Revolver” for the Beatles.

Becoming a session musician in the seventies, Voormann played on a number of solo Beatles albums for John, George and Ringo. When the remaining Beatles were putting together “The Beatles Anthology” in the mid nineties, Voormann again designed the album and home video release art. Both Ringo and Paul McCartney played on Voormann’s album, “A Sideman’s Journey”, which was released in 2009.

Here’s a little bit of film from the Hamburg concert, uploaded to YouTube by Jan Reuter.

Tuesday, the two old friends took a trip down memory lane – or Grosse Freihet – as the street in Hamburg is called, stopping briefly outside no. 36, where the Kaiserkeller is still in operation, although the music has changed.

Ringo and half of Klaus outside the Kaiserkeller, Klaus is pointing out where the Star Club used to be.

You can see a replica of the old concert poster from 1960 announcing “Rory Storm and his Hurican” as well as “The Beatles” just behind Ringo, see below for a detailed view.

The poster

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  1. djJohnny says:

    He spelled his old friend's name wrong, LOL.

  2. Craig says:

    Sadly, his surname has probably been misspelled more often than spelled correctly. All too often it is rendered with just one N.

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