John’s drawing – or Paul’s?

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  1. Geert says:

    I'd say it's Lennon's. Sort of his style + 'features' remembered are a diva (though surprisingly un-busty for JL) and the statue of JL's house. In any case, a sketch after the facts, and not a preparatory doodle.

  2. wogew says:

    Yes, looks like it has been drawn to show somebody what the cover will look like, without having access to the actual photo, maybe just days after the photo was taken and before he had a copy of it. The drum logo would be on the wall though, to show what it really looks like.

  3. Soulagent79 says:

    It's John's drawing. If you compare the writing on the bass drum to letters handwritten by John, there are striking similarities.

  4. beatlejim says:

    This looks to be done by Lennon. I have a handwritten note from Lennon from 1980…the letter
    "e" in my letter and the letter"e" in the writing on the drum are basically the same…same for the letter "n"…IMO.

  5. Martin says:

    It looks like a John Lennon drawing… I just hope there isn't any revisionism from Macca about it: claiming co-credit because he drew a couple of moustaches…
    Joking, of course (sort of)…

  6. Popper says:

    Is there a reason why this has to be by either John or Paul? It doesn't look like either to me. I can't imagine John drawing a neat square frame and then three straight rows of equally-sized circular heads in the 'crowd' – his drawings are far more free in form, with sizes often disproportionate. This just looks too disciplined for him. Also, he would tend to draw human heads as continuous lines leading up from the shoulders and back down again – these have basically rectangular bodies with heads plopped on top separately.

    Whoever did it, I would say, was copying the LP cover. That little statue head on the ground for example, and Diana Dors on the right are very unlikely to have been envisaged exactly in-situ at a pre-photo-shoot stage. Much more likely they were included here with reference to the finished photo – IMHO anyone might have drawn it.

  7. Unknown says:

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  8. Unknown says:

    Paul for sure. The heads / "circles" looks to be drawn from a left handed persons perspective, or counterclockwise,as I do, a left handed person..,

  9. db says:

    First prove it's not by Peter Blake

  10. Hans Bruun says:

    It might be a swindle.

  11. Popper says:

    I agree the circles were drawn counter-clockwise. But I'm right-handed and I draw little circles this way too.

  12. Unknown says:

    Of all The Beatles artistic pursuits outside of music , the one I have always enjoyed most are Paul's impressions. He's quite good and funny as hell.

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