Mojo and Abbey Road

Subscriber’s edition of Mojo

The October edition of the British music magazine “Mojo” is out, and The Beatles are on the cover again. It’s Clayton Hickman’s much improved “unstreched” Rubber Soul photo by Robert Freeman. The subscriber’s edition of the magazine is the best one, without all the extra bits that advertise other articles in the magazine. Here’s the blurb about the Rubber Soul article: “The Fabs’ first masterpiece said goodbye to Beatlemania, hello to drugs and weirdness. Paul Du Noyer, John Harris, Rob Sheffield and more celebrate a watershed for music and culture, 55 years on”.

Regular edition

To celebrate having his work published on the cover of Mojo, Hickman tweeted another photo he has been working on: Abbey Road. His Abbey Road is more saturated than the official 2019 cover, more like the UK 1969 original, but without so much yellow in it. He has made two versions, the difference is in the sky, all blue like the original, and a more natural look on the alternate version.

The regular 2019 edition of the Abbey Road cover

Clayton Hickman’s new edition of the photo, with the blue skies

Hickman’s alternate version, with a more natural looking sky

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