Paul in Abbey Road

Paul wisely kept his sandals on while crossing Abbey Road today – not wanting to start anoher rumour.
The Beatles on that same side of Abbey Road 8 August 1969.

The previously mentioned “secret” event with Paul McCartney in London one could compete about invitations to – has happened. Paul McCartney, who over the weekend was pictured aboard David Geffen’s yacht in Capri, Italy, arrived at 11 o’clock Monday in Abbey Road studios, after a short walk from his neighbourhood house in St. John’s Wood.

Arriving at the studio doors, Paul turned around and waved to the fans. Photo: Richard Porter

Paul had to walk across the Abbey Road zebra crossing twice, for the benefit of the official photographer, his daughter Mary.

Paul strikes a pose for the benefit of the photographer.

πŸŽ₯@maryamccartney #PaulMcCartney #EgyptStation #AbbeyRoad

Et innlegg delt av Paul McCartney (@paulmccartney)

Why did the Beatle cross the Abbey Road πŸšΆπŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

Et innlegg delt av Mary McCartney (@maryamccartney)

Mary McCartney, Paul’s firstborn daughter handled the video camera, which was actually her smartphone. Outside the studio complex, camera- and sound technicians were posted at the parking lot. There were signs on the premises by Paul’s company MPL as well as by Spotify, alerting people to the fact that audio and video recordings were taking place, and that by being present, everyone automatically granted these companies permission to use footage and recordings of them.

Photo: Richard Porter

It looks as if Spotify is going to use their recordings at some future point, after editing has taken place.

Paul McCartney held an intimate concert inside Abbey Road studios today.

Inside the studio, the front rows were occupied by the winners of last week’s competition, around 20 of them. The rest of the crowd may have been around 60 people, consisting of special invitees, including family, friends and celebrities like Kylie Minogue, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Liv Tyler, Nile Rodgers, etc.

Winner’s pass

Here is the set list from today’s McCartney concert inside Abbey Road studio number 2. Four were songs from the upcoming album, Egypt Station, plus assorted hits from yesteryear.

A Hard Day’s Night

Junior’s Farm

One After 909

Drive My Car

Come On To Me (New Song)

I’ve Got A Feeling

I’ve Just Seen A Face

Confidante (New Song)

Love Me Do

We Can Work It Out

My Valentine


Lady Madonna

Who Cares (New Song)

Got To Get You Into My Life

Fuh You (New Song)

Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da

I Wanna Be Your Man

Get Back

Back in the USSR


Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)

Helter Skelter

The set list

In a tweet and on their Facebook page, Abbey Road Studios write that the concert soon will become available for us. Perhaps as a Spotify video?

Leaving the studios: Nancy and Paul.

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  1. Unknown says:

    #NoticiasDoRocknRoll #RocknRollNews #cdrpod0522
    Da um PLAY na Classikera !!!

  2. humpinski says:

    Absolute Serendipity! I love it!

  3. djJohnny says:

    All the "news" thingies that have posted versions of this, rrrrr…, "story" all ignore the cover of Paul's 1993 live album 'Paul Is Live'.

  4. Brian Fried says:

    For the release, maybe he'll do like Kisses On The Bottom and put some of the performance on the special edition (which would account for the higher number of tracks), and then release some digitally as an album as well.

  5. humbarcam says:

    But we can't see that concert now, it's not available on Spotify… Why?

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