Quarrymen single included on album

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  1. James Talada says:

    They mentioned in the press release trying to clean up everything as well as possible… could they have improved upon what we got with Live at the BBC and Anthology 1?

  2. john ault says:

    If it doesn't say Beatles on it, I want my money back!

  3. john ault says:

    If it doesn't say Beatles on if, I want my money back!

  4. Unknown says:

    From the website: "Percy Phillips left an archive of recordings from his studio in the form of 70 discs that he cut between 1955 and 1969. These fragile acetate discs have been kept in excellent condition by Percy’s family and the recordings on them sound as fresh and clear now as they did all those years ago." It would be amazing (though highly unlikely) if Percy had kept a copy of the Quarrymen record, and that there are, in fact, two copies in existence. But we'll see!

  5. Unknown says:

    Hmmm….all seems a bit dodgy. How can the two Beatles tracks be described as Percy Phillips acetates when they weren’t recorded there? And I can’t believe there would be another source for the Quarrymen tracks other than the one we already know about…so have these been taken from the anthology recordings? Plus lots of tracks, which though vaguely interesting, Beatles fans won’t really care about….and probably in a lo-fi quality – hardly repeat listening….all sounds a bit bootleggy to me….and all for £45. I think I’ll wait a couple of years till they’re trying to get rid of un-sold copies for £10 at the convention.

  6. DinsdaleP says:

    I think SOG and KYHOMB are from this acetate of a Saturday Club broadcast:


  7. Andrew says:

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  8. Andrew says:

    percyphillips.com/the-complete-collection/ has a wide range of scans.
    4th row is a disc of Some Other Guy/Beautiful Dreamer

    Does this help source the track?
    Wonder what was on side 1?

    Note the sleeve says cut in studio or from customers tracks, so it could have been
    Brian or someone else coming in with a tape.

  9. James Peet says:

    At first glance, it has the two Quarryman recordings and what, as far as we know, recordings taped from the radio in the same manner as the rest of the BBC recordings that gave us the vast majority of songs that the boys recorded between 1962-1965. It sounds similar, in intent, to those American cash-in releases from VJ, etc.

    Four cds for four songs which we know and own seems a bit off but, if you're interested in Liverpool, it gives a slice of life that is quite unique.

    I'm not going to buy it. It's not really about the Beatles.

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