Paul plays the Phil – debuts new song

Yesterday – during Paul McCartney’s surprise visit to Liverpool – fifty ticketholders were treated to an intimate concert at posh “The Phil” – The Philharmonic Pub and Dining rooms. Back in the late fifities and early sixties, John Lennon used to have a few ints there, together with his friend, Stu Sutcliffe, the Beatles’ first bass guitarist.

The day before yesterday, the tv audience company SRO Audiences was looking for local people to be in the audience for an exclusive secret gig with a “global superstar”. The lucky few who successfully applied for the free tickets took away a pleasant surprise: The “global superstar” was Paul McCartney. He played a gig in front of 50 fans in the Philharmonic pub as part of his surprise visit to Liverpool yesterday.

Some film footage have now started to leak from the concert, including the clip below, which sounds like a new song, likely from McCartney’s upcoming studio album, which has been in the works for at least a year.

Set list in no particular order:

A Hard Days Night, Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Jet,  Drive My Car, Love Me Do, I’ve Just Seen a Face, I’ll Come On to You (? – new song), I’ve Got a Feeling, Lady Madonna, Hey Jude (with James Corden), Back in the USSR and Birthday.

In March, when asked who he would love to see take part in the show, James Corden told BANG Showbiz “Paul McCartney I think. He would be amazing.” This may have been what took place in Liverpool yesterday, as Paul and James were seen driving together, James at the wheel.

During his visit, McCartney was also seen in the Penny Lane district, where he proceeded to sign one of the street signs. Of course, Penny Lane has been plagued by souvenir seekers stealing the street signs, so for many years, the only street signs have been painted on to brick walls.

Mark Ashworth, a fellow blogger point out the spot where Paul has signed.
Paul’s signatur
In Penny Lane

Here’s one more photo from Paul McCartney’s visit to Penny Lane. The shelter in the middle of the roundabout in the background. The shelter housed a Sgt Pepper Bistro in the nineties, and got an extra floor a couple of years back, but the refurbishing stopped and nothing has happened since.

The video below has been put together from several sources.

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