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VHS cassette boxed set

Variety had an exclusive report that a new documentary, sanctioned by Yoko Ono and her son Sean, who also acted as creative consultants has wrapped up production. Titled “Daytime Revolution”, the documentary concentrates on the week when John and Yoko co-hosted the daytime talkshow The Mike Douglas Show in 1972. Six of the people who guested the show that week have been interviewed for the documentary film.

Perhaps best remembered for the third programme which saw Chuck Berry join John&Yoko & Elephants Memory for a couple of his songs, “Memphis” and “Johnny B Goode”, the Mike Douglas Show was released as a VHS boxed set by Rhino in 1998.

Besides inviting his friends from the radical left, like Jerry Rubin and Bobby Seale to the talk show, Lennon also performed a few numbers, starting with “It’s So Hard” in the first show. Big band era singer Mike Douglas did a version of “Michelle” in that show as well.

Here are the musical segments we are hoping the 108 minutes long documentary will feature in full:

Program 1:
John & Yoko & The Plastic Ono Band & Elephants Memory: «It’s So Hard»
Program 2:
John & Yoko & The Plastic Ono Band & Elephants Memory: «Mid Summer New York»
Program 3:
John, Chuck Berry & Yoko & The Plastic Ono Band & Elephants Memory: «Memphis», «Johnny B Goode», «Sisters, O Sisters»
Program 4:
John & Yoko & The Plastic Ono Band & Elephants Memory: «Imagine»
Program 5:
John Lennon & Yoko Ono: «Luck of the Irish» as well as a traditional Japanese folk song.

The documentary is currently looking for distribution, and we are guessing the Coda Collection, co-owned by Ono is a likely candidate for that.

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  1. Ted Nugent says:

    I take issue with your use of the term: ‘Radical Left’. There is no such thing as that .. Only: ‘The Left’. It’s mainly the MSM that are Right-focused and use ‘Radical Left’ to mislabel the Left. Just as an FYI, ‘Antifa’ stands for ‘AntiFascist’.

  2. David Foyle says:

    I have the Rhino set of that week on DVD. (I can’t remember if I transferred it from VHS to DVD or if it came that way, probably I transferred it).

    The show itself was definitely a “snapshot” of John Lennon, AND the USA during one week in 1972.

  3. Billy says:

    What happened with “Live in New York City”/”One To One Concerts” video? It was 50 years ago and we don’t have DVD/Blueray/Streaming… It’s a pity…

  4. Will says:

    It would seem logical that maybe the documentary will accompany the 5 shows?

  5. tccokey3 says:

    I look forward in eager anticipation to this event.

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