The Beatles – Live In London 1965

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The Beatles’ December tour in the U.K. in 1965 has been famous for a number of reasons, but most importantly for the inclusion of a couple of songs, or versions of songs the groups never played elsewhere. The tour lasted 10 days, and saw The Beatles perform in nine venues across eight cities. Throughout they played a set comprising 11 songs:

I Feel Fine, She’s A Woman, If I Needed Someone, Act Naturally, Nowhere Man, Baby’s In Black, Help!, We Can Work It Out, Yesterday, Day Tripper and I’m Down.

Paul McCartney performed “Yesterday” solo on an electric organ, and it was also used by John on “We Can Work It Out” and “I’m Down”. The two songs Beatles fans are very interested in hearing, are the organ-led “Yesterday” and “We Can Work It out”.

During Beatlemania, a lot of concert recording were made. Some were professionally filmed and aired on television or recorded and broadcast on radio stations. Many concerts were also recorded by members of the audience, although due to the constant screaming from the fans during the Beatles’ concerts, such recordings serve better as personal mementos than for public consumption.

In 2012, an 8mm silent film from The Beatles’ appearance in London during their final British tour, appeared in collector’s circles. Yesterday, a print of the film was uploaded to YouTube. It had been synched to unrelated audio, and was only up for a few hours and then made only privately available. However, a new upload of the film appeared. You may watch it here – if it still is there.

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  1. taxman says:

    Never understood why there is so few footage and even photos of this tour.

  2. PaulD says:

    Probably the worst Beatles concert footage I’ve ever seen!

  3. James Peet says:

    Not sure why the soundtrack is taken from a Japanese 1966 gig. Still, I’d rather have it than not.

  4. Rickenbacker325 says:

    Also of note was the 1964 UK tour as well as the Christmas show from that year. Both set lists were quite unique with such songs as I Should Have Known Better…I’m Happy Just To Dance With You and Honey Don’t

  5. Ronald Lapworth says:

    My wife was at the Newcastle show, the day after her15th.birthday.

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