Two 1963 recordings emerge

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  1. seanroper13 says:

    Wow. Very cool.

  2. Rick says:

    That’s very clear. Though I’m sure it’s been cleaned up quite a bit but even so it’s great to hear

  3. Awesome find! Does anyone know who had these recordings and how and when they were unearthed?

  4. Uwe says:

    Am I the only one who finds this more exciting than then whole“ Get Back“- project?

    • Michael J Hockinson says:

      (Crickets chirping.)

    • Rick O'Casey says:

      Interesting that sometimes there are those who much prefer the early Beatles up to around ’66 or so and those who prefer the later music/films/videos. I am one of those who likes both phases of their careers for their own musical and cultural merits. Not much can exceed the excitement I felt leading up to the Get Back movie and then having the long-awaited opportunity to virtually hang out with the Beatles in the recording studio. (Its not a perfect endeavor but I expect we will see different approaches of the Get Back footage in the future if we live long enough). Stay healthy!

      • Win Corr says:

        They need to do a good box for 1963 including music and film clips and follow with a comprehensive 1964 including the dealing with the press. Beatles First Visit needs a cleanup and expansion.

      • vern gibbons says:

        I am one of those who does much prefer the early Beatles more pure rock and roll than the later material. I love both but do find I play the early stuff much more than the later.

        • Rick says:

          To each their own. But both the early and later material are great much better then 99.99% of the crap out there today. Which I’m sure everyone on here will agree to

        • Maccafan says:

          No you’re not the only one, I also prefer their earlier material! As you said they rocked more in the early days!

    • Robert says:

      Yes I’m afraid your the only one who thinks that

    • abeatlesfan says:

      Yes, you are the only one.

  5. Sam Giles says:

    I would imagine these will be soon be available on a copyright-expired ‘grey area’ 7″ single…

  6. bob says:

    Nice find. Their performances are spot on in both songs. George has really got his guitar singing in these 2 tunes..

  7. Kent says:

    “You can carry on drinking now! “;-)

  8. abeatlesfan says:

    It is wonderful to hear things we never heard before. The early Beatles have a special place in my heart. They excited me, 11 years old, almost 12. I have had a life long love affair with them. They were quite good in this performance. Wow. I would love to hear more. I did see them live in 66 at Shea Stadium but I would have given anything to see them in 63-64.

  9. Anthony Zangara says:

    Sounds good. Very similar to BBC Volume 2,released 2013,both songs. Get Back = Very Big Deal, we are so lucky to see & hear…

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